About us

My name is Bon. In the past, I never thought I would be a chef at a restaurant. I’ve been cooking for my family over the years. My wife, Samantha, gave me many good compliments about the food I cooked. That meant a lot to me, getting approval from the one who is a much better cook than me. Samantha taught me most of the cooking skills I know. My wife has an amazing taste palate. She would know if I forgot an ingredient or made changes to the recipe.

Food to me is all about comfort. As a chef, I want my food to satisfy your belly. The quality and use of ingredients remain at the heart. As a Cambodian chef, my main goal is to introduce delicious Khmer (Cambodian) foods to as many people as I can. Aside from making authentic Khmer foods and preserving Khmer culinary heritage, I like to explore and create new fusion food.